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Brett Smith

Brett Smith | General Manager

Brett grew up in Long Island, New York and was raised by his father / NYPD and his mother /school teacher. Both parents instilled their values to help mold the man you see today. His prior service with the US Army/Airborne taught him discipline and the will to never quit.


Brett’s passion for sports cars just didn’t start yesterday, for him it started years ago as a young child. With over 20 years of progressive experience with the Porsche Brand, he not only sells but has owned six Porsche’s, is very much the enthusiast.


Prior to coming on board with Porsche of Annapolis, Brett has worked in the capacity of General Manager at two other dealerships. His expertise in dealership operations provides him with the knowledge to manage effectively.

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Steve St. Clair

Steve St. Clair | General Sales Manager

For over 25 years I have been representing the finest automobile in the world! I have been surrounded by beautiful cars and wonderful people on a daily basis and feel very fortunate!

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Mark Madden

Mark Madden | Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Mark started in the automobile business in South Africa in 1988! He has always been in high line automotive sales immigrating to The United States in 2000 and has been a Annapolis resident ever since. Mark is a Porsche enthusiast and looks forward to working with and assisting clients in the Annapolis area for years to come!

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Rick Brewer

Rick Brewer | Service Manager

Rick has been in the automotive service industry serving the owners of fine German automobiles since 1986. After many years with Mercedes-Benz, Rick was fortunate to join the Porsche of Annapolis team in 2008. Rick is committed to providing the highest level of service possible to the best customers -Porsche owners.

Phone: 443.837.2651 • Email:

Courtney Hansen

Courtney Hansen | Porsche Certified Parts Manager

Courtney has been finding parts since 1998, and has been with Porsche since February of 2013. Porsche has quickly become his favorite brand, and he enjoys working with the best cars and best customers everyday.

Phone: 443.837.2619 Ext. 1 • Fax: 443.837.260 • Email:

Mike Maurer

Mike Maurer | Sales Global Brand Ambassador

Mike Maurer joined the team in October 2008. Porsche cars have been a passion of his for many years, and he is grateful to have turned his passion into a long career. He has worked with Porsche cars since 1982 and has held almost every position associated with a Porsche dealer--from detail to partner. He enjoys travel, photography and spending time with his son, daughter and wife. Mike has owned many Porsches over the years, and he loves sharing his passion for Porsche.

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Graeme Reeves

Graeme Reeves | Sales Global Brand Ambassador

Graeme was born and raised in England and has travelled extensively. Being English manners are important and that is why he enjoys working for Porsche of Annapolis as they always put the client first!

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Chasity Joyner

Chasity Joyner | Sales Associate

Phone: 443.837.2660 • Email:

Hugo Eilenberg

Hugo Eilenberg | Service Advisor

Hugo's appreciation for the Porsche brand may stem from spending his early years in Germany via his father's career in the military. His enjoyment of precision engineering and quality design came later, as he completed his first project car while studying graphic art and working at Rhode Island School of Design. Hugo is proud to be a part of the team at Porsche of Annapolis, and his dedication to high service standards are appreciated by coworkers and clients alike.

Phone: 443.837.2652 • Email:

Jamie Wist

Jamie Wist | Service Advisor

Phone: 443.837.2650 • Email:

Dave McDowell

Dave McDowell | Gold Meister Porsche Technician

Dave McDowell, an Annapolis native, began his career with Porsche in 2011. In 2002, Dave enlisted in the Air National Guard and worked as a C-130 Aircraft Mechanic. During his years with the Guard, Dave developed great attention to detail and integrity.


With over 10 years of experience, Dave has worked on an variety of European automobiles but became especially drawn to the intricacies of German engineering. Dave is happy to be part of the team and looks forward to servicing your Porsche.

Phone: 443.837.2654

Ray Guzman

Ray Guzman | Silver Meister Porsche Technician

Ray has had a long driven passion for Porsche vehicles and has always been an enthusiast for them. Servicing these vehicles has been more than a pleasure for Ray and he aims to continue providing excellence in customer care and satisfaction. Ray's past experience was 6 years with Volkswagen. Ray is now working toward the Gold Meister certification and is very happy to be apart of the Porsche family.

Phone: 443.837.2600 • Email:

Roger Doty

Roger Doty | Porsche Technician

Phone: 443.837.2600

Todd Droegemeyer | Porsche Technician

Phone: 443.837.2656

Alexis Rodriguez

Alexis Rodriguez | Porsche Technician

Alex was bown in Maryland and currently resides in Bowie. He attended Lincoln Technical Institute in Columbia, Maryland. Alex loves spending time with his beautiful family, including his two Rottweilers. He has always been fond of German engineering. Coming from BMW with six years of experience, Alex started his new career with Porsche of Annapolis in May 2015. Alex's mission is to become a Porsche Gold Meister Technician and provide our clients with the best Porsche experience.

Phone: 443.837.2056 • Email:

Stephanie Aguilar

Stephanie Aguilar | Parts Associate

Phone: 443.837.2620 • Email:

Nicholas Blake

Nicholas Blake | Parts Associate

Phone: 443.837.2620 • Email:

Sara Hoyle

Sara Hoyle | Guest Receptionist

Phone: 423.837.2600 • Email:

Lyz Lister | Guest Receptionist

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Steve Ryan

Steve Ryan | Guest Valet

Phone: 443.837.2600